Thankful Living

God has blessed each of us in so many ways that if we had 1,000 tongues, we would not be able to thank God enough; however, it does not hurt to try. Expressing our gratitude to God is more than just saying “thank you”—we should live thankfully. What’s the difference, you ask? Find out in November’s sermon series on Thankful Living. Too often, we take for granted the many good things in our lives and forget to show gratitude to God for his blessings. This attitude of entitlement robs us of experiencing the joy of the Lord that the Lord so desperately wants to give us. It also prevents us from truly appreciating all that God has done for us. During this sermon series, we will explore what it means to be truly thankful and how gratefulness can transform our lives, and in some cases save lives. We will also learn how to express our gratitude to God through practicing spiritual disciplines like prayer, journaling, connecting with others, and worship. I encourage and challenge you to join me for this special series as we give thanks to God and discover a depth of gratefulness we may have never experienced.