We Believe

in a grace that accepts all into our church family. 

How to Join FUMC

A natural extension of finding deep connection at FUMC Burleson is to make this faith community your church home. We want each person and family to feel empowered to decide when they are ready. Let one of our pastors know when you wish to join, and we'll make arrangements to celebrate and welcome you to our church family! We know that churches often have different traditions, so we have helpful information below – as well as some important ways to share your joy, support the church, and give back to others too.

Requirements for membership:

1. Attend Pastor's Breakfast & New Member's (AKA NEXT STEPS) class. This is offered approximately once per quarter.

2. Complete the 5 week S.H.A.P.E. class that immediately follows the NEXT STEPS class. In this 5 week class you will learn your SH.A.P.E. and how you can use it to serve God and others through FUMC Burleson.


1.  Profession of Faith - You are proclaiming Jesus Christ as your Savior, and have never been baptized in any Christian church. It is your desire to be baptized at First United Methodist Church of Burleson. OR you have been baptized and are renewing your commitment to Christ and to serve Him at FUMC Burleson.

2.  Transfer  from another United Methodist Church - You have been affiliated with another United Methodist church and desire to become members of First United Methodist Church of Burleson. Our staff will notify your former church of your transfer.

3.  Transfer  from another denomination - You are baptized and a member of another Christian denomination and desire to become a member of First United Methodist Church of Burleson.

HOW to Join

1.  During the last song after the sermon at any of our worship services, you are invited to move forward toward the pastor and altar area.  A pastor will warmly meet you there.  

2.  Use the QR code on the back of the chairs in the worship center by clicking the JOIN button.

3.  Email one of the pastors - Pastor Kyland at  or Pastor Margret at  and/or call the church office at 817-295-1166.

We are excited about the possibility of you joining the FUMC Burleson family!! If you have further questions, or need clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can email our staff at or call the church office at 817-295-1166.  Once you have made the commitment to join, you will fill out a new member form which can be found in the sanctuary, or online here. Below are some of the wonderful folks who have made the decision to join FUMC Burleson in the past 2 years. 

Baptism & Profession of Faith

We each begin our Christian life through baptism, which symbolizes how God takes action by adopting and calling us family. Baptism is a special moment when a new life of commitment and covenant with God begins. When we are ready, profession of faith is a meaningful occasion when we publicly acknowledge the faith that lives inside of us.

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Next Steps

Whether you're a new member or a curious guest, you're invited to Next Steps, a class designed to familiarize you with the United Methodist church at large, our church's vision, and all of the ministry programs and activities where you can grow and serve.

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STEP UP & Serve

The best way to strengthen community is by sharing your passions, talents, and gifts with others. In addition to having a direct impact on those around you, you'll notice that you are growing in your faith and relationships too. Becoming a volunteer is an important next step in supporting FUMC Burleson.

Get Involved


Financial support is a critical part of church life that provides stability and expands the reach of our ministries, programs, and missions. We encourage all who are part of our Church family to give prayerfully, no matter the amount — not out of obligation but out of an abundance of the heart.

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