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Last Updated: September 29, 2022


SHAPE is an opportunity for adults (college-age and older) to get to know each other and identify interests, passions, talents, and spiritual gifts through conversation, study, and a bit of personality testing. If you're unsure where you might fit into programs, activities, and groups, this is a no-stress, easy way to help uncover how your individual uniqueness can contribute valuably to the life of the church.

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Our faith community is stronger and more vibrant when you share your passions, talents, and gifts with others. In addition to having a direct impact on those around you, you'll notice that you are growing in your faith and relationships too. If you don't see a listing that jumps out to you, fill out the form at the bottom of the page anyway, and we will find a place you can serve!

We strongly encourage everyone in our church family to bookmark this page and periodically check back to browse the volunteer needs listed below – click on the plus (+) sign next to each ministry area to view available opportunities. After you sign up using the form at the bottom of the page, ministry area leaders will follow up with you.


Our hospitality team is the face of our church during weekend worship and other special church events. Volunteers will be trained to be knowledgeable in the physical layout of our church, offered ministries and their leaders, and general church processes, including safety and first aid. Hospitality volunteers will develop the ability to recognize guests, answer questions, and provide an engaging experience at FUMC Burleson!

  • Welcome Center Attendant (2 needed Saturday evenings, 2 needed Sunday mornings)
  • Answer guest questions, provide information about church ministries and programs while remaining stationed at the welcome center near the church office.

  • Front Door Greeter (2 needed Saturday evenings, 2 needed Sunday mornings)

    Open doors, smile, and welcome guests and members alike. Will become familiar with the accessibility features and their locations in our building.

  • Greeter/Flex (1 needed Saturday evenings, 2 needed Sunday mornings)

    Be present in the Great Hall to answer guest questions and provide directions while physically walking them to their destination.

  • Worship Greeter (2 needed Sunday mornings)

    Welcome people as they enter the worship center and take attendance. Be mindful of accessibility needs and requests. Volunteers will be trained in an easy-to-use iPad app for electronic attendance.

Leader: Pastor Margret Fields,

First Kids

Our Children's Ministry volunteers help provide a fun, safe environment for kids to learn more about God through engaging crafts, stories, and activities. Volunteers will be trained through the MinistrySafe program and must also complete a background check. Volunteers will also be trained in emergency and first aid procedures. All volunteers are expected to treat each child with love, compassion, dignity and respect. Volunteers may choose to work for a quarter (3 months), for a semester (6 months), or for the full year.

  • Sunday School Check In Assistant (2 needed/week)

    Help greet families and children as they enter the Children's Wing, with special attention given to welcoming and directing guests. Will be trained in a simple electronic check-in system for keeping attendance.

  • Sunday School Teacher (2 needed: grades K-2, grades 3-5)

    Teachers will prepare a weekly lesson using the provided supplies and curriculum.

  • Sunday School Shepherd (2 needed: K-2, 3-5)

    Shepherds will assist teachers as needed and fill in when the teacher is absent.

  • K.I.D. Connection Helper (2 needed, Wednesday afternoons)

    Helpers will assist with check in, handing out snacks, assisting with crafts, or music time.

Leader: Tamara Bowers,

Wednesdays at First

During the school year, we invite people of all ages and stages to participate in our Wednesdays at First program. Children, Youth, and Adults all have opportunities to connect and deepen relationships through fellowship, dinner, and activities. Dinner takes place from 5:15-6:00pm, and all kitchen volunteers will be trained in procedures and health standards.

  • Pre-Dinner Setup (1 needed)

    Help by wrapping napkins with silverware, setting out service items (plates, bowls, cups, condiments, etc). Assist with preparing beverages and setting out salads and desserts.

  • Food Server (1 needed)

    Assist by plating food in the kitchen and taking food requests at the kitchen window.

  • Cleanup (2 needed)

    Wash dishes, silverware, pots, and pans (dishwasher is available) and put away service items. Help wipe down working and cooking surfaces, clean beverage area, and sweet kitchen and serving area. Assist with taking garbage out as needed.



Our Missions volunteers help reach out into our community to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Volunteers will be familiarized with the basic processes and procedures with their specific area.

  • PacMin Food Packers (Small Groups Preferred, times TBD by group)

    Help us pack food bags at a time coordinated with Lizz Bridges. Sunday School classes or small groups are especially encouraged to sign up - if you'd like to help monthly, please let us know. Or, if you have a few friends and want to make your own group just to help with this, that's great too!

  • Helping Hands Assistant (Thursdays, 10:00am-1:00pm)

    In coordination with leaders, help identify immediate needs, offer financial advice or counsel, suggest community resources, and provide financial assistance for individuals.

Leader: Lizz Bridges,

Worship Tech

Help make worship accessible for both those in person and those joining us online! All volunteers will be trained in equipment setup, operation, and best practices. No prior knowledge needed, but a general familiarity with technology is helpful.

  • Camera Operator (3 needed, Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings)

    Help those joining us online to see what happens in worship, and learn how to transition between cameras for close-up and wide-angle views.

  • Slides and Stream Operator (3 needed, Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings)

    Help with displaying lyrics and graphics during worship while following the worship roadmap for the service. Monitor the live stream broadcast to ensure that worship remains accessible for those online.

  • Sound Operator (2 needed, Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings)

    Help monitor the live sound mix in the Worship Center while also tracking audio being broadcast online. Learn the basics of sound systems and how to troubleshoot potential issues during worship.

Leader: Colin Campbell,

Church office

Our church office is the hub for ministry, programs, events, and communications. Volunteer office assistants will help during the afternoon several days during the week by attending to the front door, answering phones, helping prepare mailings, and other tasks as needed. Volunteers will be trained in operation of the phone system, operation of the building thermostat system, emergency and first aid procedures, and will develop the ability to multitask during peak times.

    • Office Assistant (1 needed, 9:00am-1:00pm, hours and days flexible)

      Help fold printed newsletters or other materials as needed, pack children's activity bags, and other tasks as assigned.

Leader: Jessica Wasson,

Crisis Intervention Team

This team helps monitor our building and campus during worship and other large activities to ensure the safety of all present. Volunteers will be trained in relevant emergency and communication procedures.

    • Safety Monitor (2 needed Saturday evenings)

      Monitor Great Hall before, during, and after worship services, walking through the building as needed.

Leaders: Dean Dyess & Brooke Justice,


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