Series: Real Life Kids Stories

Youth Takeover 2022 (Connect)

May 22, 2022

Passage: Daniel 6:1-24

Series Information

What Bible stories do you remember from your childhood? Perhaps you were taught them using flannel board characters that sometimes didn’t quite stick to the felt covered boards. Maybe VeggieTales helped you learn about some of the basic stories from the Bible.
Many of these stories became our children’s nursery themes, our Sunday School hallway murals, or filled the shelves of our children’s book nooks at home. But truth be told, many of these lessons and books and picturesque murals were the edited and abridged versions of stories that had some PG-13, or worse, adult themes.
What do we really remember about these stories? Were we really told the entire story? Did someone leave out the “adult-themed” material in order to shield our vulnerable minds and innocent hearts? Is there something that we missed that could have been, even the slightest bit, helpful as we grew into adults?
For the next six weeks, we are going to explore some of our favorite childhood Bible stories to see what twists and turns might have been left out. Join us as we dive into some Real Life Kids Stories and learn some real life lessons!