The Price of Faith

What is the cost of faith?

by Danny Tenney on April 18, 2021

Take a trip down memory lane, if you will, and think about the cost of your first house, or first car, or the price of milk, bread, and gas, “back in the day.” Surprised by what you might find? Amused by today’s prices? Frightened by how far you have stretched your money to afford some of life’s basic necessities? Some prices seem reasonable while others are simply exorbitant. Nonetheless, if it is worth it to you, then you will probably spend the money to get it.

The early church in the book of Acts was willing to pay the price for their profession of faith in the risen Christ. Do you have what Dietrich Bonhoeffer called, “cheap grace?” Sometimes the cheapest is not always the best. Jesus paid a hefty price for his obedience and his faithfulness. It cost him everything! Along those lines, what sort of price have you paid for professing faith in the newly resurrected Jesus the Christ? Has your faith cost you anything? 

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