Preschool Meet the Teacher

Friday, August 12, 2022, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Please come at your designated time.  Masks are optinoal for teachers, parent and student.  Teachers will have activities and toys out for the children to play with so plase help us with not getting extra toys and supplies out. Teachers have worked hard to get their rooms cleaned and ready for the first day of school.  If you have any paperwork you need to turn in you may bring it to the office.  The designated times are:  

6:00-6:40 Nursery A-L Portico
                 Transitional Nursery A-L Portico
                  Toddlers A-L Preschool Office
                  2’s T/Th A-L Preschool Office
                  Pre-K M-F A-L Preschool office
                  3’s M-F A-L Portico
6:45-7:30 Nursery M-Z Portico
                Transitional Nursery M-Z Portico
                Toddlers M-Z Preschool Office
                2’s T/Th M-Z Preschool Office
                Pre-K M-F M-Z Preschool Office
                3’s M-F M-Z Portico

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