We believe

we are called to 'do not harm.'

COVID-19 Response


 LAST UPDATED: August 10, 2021
  • If you feel ill or have a fever, please remain at home or return home immediately

  • Upon arrival, hand sanitizer will be available should you wish to use it

  • Masks will be optional for worship and all other church activities on campus, and we will resist the urge to question others about their vaccination status. Added August 10: We strongly recommend that all people who are unvaccinated wear masks, which includes all children under age 12. Given the recent news from the CDC, we also highly encourage vaccinated individuals to wear masks as well

  • Whenever possible, we strongly encourage you to maintain a physical distance of 3 feet between yourself and others who do not reside with you


Church Family,

It has been a long time coming – and it is finally happening! As stated in updated guidelines from the CDC today, fully-vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks, both indoors and outdoors.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, our church has said that we will follow the recommendations of the CDC.  We know that this past year has been difficult in so many ways for both our community at large and our church.  Our year-long theme of 2021, Re-Claim: A Wesleyan Revival, has been and will continue to be a great opportunity to reflect while simultaneously examining the here and now and also looking to the future.

Now is the time when we must exercise our faith in God and our trust in our families, friends, and neighbors.  Effective immediately, masks will be optional for all individuals who attend worship or any other church activities on our campus (i.e. Sunday School, Pastor's Bible Study)**.  As pastors and staff, we will trust any individual that chooses not to wear a mask and will not ask questions about vaccination status, and we ask that our church family do the same.  Likewise, we will not question those who continue wearing masks, and we ask our church family to commit to this as well.  Those who are fully vaccinated have a very small risk of getting sick, but those who are not fully vaccinated remain at a higher risk of infection.  While we strongly encourage all who are able to be vaccinated, we understand that this is a personal decision.  We also understand that there are many individuals who cannot get the vaccine because of health concerns, and we do not wish to create uncomfortable conversations where personal medical history must be discussed.  Full vaccination will not be a requirement for participation in worship or church ministry programs.  We understand that these changes may make some people much more comfortable while simultaneously making others much more uncomfortable.

Additionally, we will no longer be taking temperatures on arrival, but we continue to ask anyone who feels ill or feverish to refrain from attending and remain home instead.  Hand sanitizer will be available for any who wish to use it, but it will not be required. We will continue to adhere to physical distancing of 6 feet in worship for the time being since we anticipate having a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals present. (Note as of June 22: distancing has been reduced to 3ft in alignment with the CDC, but may not be possible at all times depending on worship attendance).

We are grateful for your continued support as circumstances will continue to evolve rapidly during the next few months, both in terms of CDC recommendations and in terms of our church's programs and procedures.  Please expect additional guidance from the pastors and staff during the coming week in the form of a COVID-19 Questions & Answers document.

Keep the Faith,

Pastor Danny

**Of important note - per the updated CDC guidelines, all children under age 12 are still considered unvaccinated individuals. We encourage parents/guardians to choose what they believe is best for their family and proceed accordingly.